User Interfaces and Usability for Embedded Systems

The High Cost Bad User Interfaces

My User Interface Design Course encourages companies to invest in usability because the cost of usability failures is so high. This page is a resource for finding the original reference for some of the Return On Investment claims that I quote.

"Bad usability in one printer product led to $500,000 worth of support calls per month."

Source: Mauro, C. Usability Science: Tactical and Strategic Cost Justifications in Large Corporate Applications. Published in Cost Justifying Usability, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, 2005.

"48% of consumer electronics returns are ‘No-Fault-Found’. In many cases, they are just too hard to use, or the consumer sets it up incorrectly."

Source: Development of a design analysis model for consumer complaints : revealing a new class of quality failures, by Petronella Henrica den Ouden

"Over one third of medical device incident reports to the FDA involve use error."

Source: Medical instrumentation: accessibility and usability considerations, by Jack M. Winters, Molly Follette Story, page 31.

Also detailed at http://www.devicelink.com/mddi/archive/06/01/007.html

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